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    Proofreading and Editing to Perfection

    Our team of seasoned proofreaders in the US works with clients from across the globe and has years of experience in working with different genres such as fantasy, mystery, thrillers, and children’s books.

    We proofread, edit, and format your content according to global publishing guidelines and do our level best to ensure that you have a finalized piece of your manuscript in under two weeks. Furthermore, we incorporate any and all feedback that you may have upon reading the delivered content.

    Our Editing Guidelines


    Content Review

    First, we review the overall structure and organization of the document. We ensure that the content flows smoothly and logically from one point to another.

    Improving Sentence and Paragraph Clarity

    We focus on the clarity of individual sentences and paragraphs. Our team checks for awkward phrasing, unclear antecedents, and other issues that could confuse the reader.

    Checking Grammar and Punctuation

    We then review the grammar and punctuation throughout the document and ensure that verb tense and subject-verb agreement are consistent along with the punctuation.

    Ensuring Proper Formatting and Layout

    Then, we review the formatting and layout of the document and check that headings and subheadings are properly formatted and that any graphics are correctly placed.

    Final Review and Polish

    Finally, we read through the document again to catch any remaining errors or inconsistencies and submit a finalized report of your manuscript.

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